Thursday, October 22, 2009

Realize-Colbie Caillet

Take time to realize
That your warmth is what i want

But I can't spell it out for you
No, it's never gonna be that simple

If you just realize what I just realized
Then we'd be perfect for each other
and will never find another
we'd never have to wonder if
we missed out on each other now

Take time to realize that
This all can pass you by

It's not always the same
no, it's never the same
if you don't feel it too

We missed out on each other now...

Realized it finally...
Yet,is too late...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009



老师也开始进入 pre-major ballet syllabus
我还买了 Demi-pointe shoes,RM135

很希望有一天我可以有自己的粉红 ballet Tutu呢!
穿着自己的 Ballet Tutu,拍有芭蕾艺术美感的照片或海报会是怎么样的感觉...?



Sunday, July 26, 2009

Celebrating Bday

Today is my best buddy ---> Rou Xiang's birthday.

We supposed to meet at my house at 5:30PM, but the Bday girl was late. She finally reached my house at 6:30PM. We went to Jalan Simpang Tiga,99 Fashion. Yeah, Patty and I decided to buy her a set of clothes as present for this year. Rou Xiang was shy to choose the clothes, so I walked around and took 4-5 clothes and forced her to the fitting room. Finally, we bought a pair of black stocking, a clothes woth black & white strip, and a elastic belt with a big ribbon. We required Bday girl to wear this set and later on, we went to the Scotland,located just beside the 4mile Everise.

We reached the Scotland at 7:30PM, were waiting for another 2 guys to come. Finally, they shows up, at 8Pm. We ordered nice food and drink (Scotland don't have much choice of drinks although). We chit chatting and enjoying our food. After dinner, we had a chocolate cake as our dessert. Hmm... I'm dont really like to eat chocolate cake,it is too sweet for me.

We left there at about 9:15Pm. We had a nice night tonight...

Happy Birthday ya Rou Xiang

Taken in the fitting room, Rou Xiang with her new clothes (this is the first time she wear black stocking and this type of belt), Patty and me,Penny

Taken at Scotland, Penny with Bday girl

Bday girl with the cake

Three of Us, Best Buddy

The chocolate cake, the most failure part tonight. No body like to eat chocolate cake...

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ballet Exam Result---Honors

Went to ballet class like usual,yet today was a bit different. Yes,it is. Today i got my CSTD Ballet Examination result......
I got honors

I have two kind of thought after i got the result

Think negatively:
I aimed for honors plus actually
I know my weakness
My stamina is insufficient at the solo dance part
Lost mark in that section
I should train my stamina earlier
I shouldn't give up when i was in Form1
I shouldn't give up no matter what

Think positively:
I've tried my best
And this is my first time taking ballet exam (i used to took part in Chinese Traditional Dance exam)
I have given up dance for 5 years long
I do not wan to compare with others
I compete with myself

hmm...i should thinking positively

17 of us took part,few of us fail and few of us gonna quit after this, my partner-Pei Ling also gonna quit too... feel sad when i heard it...

I've decided to continue the pre-major ballet class, unfortunately, i can only joining them until the end of this year. I wanted to continue my ballet when i go KL next year,hope that i can find a good dance academy school there.

Got the result like this,this is what so called "doctor handwriting". Din expect that ballet examiner also do this writing. haha. I can only read few words like "well done,good presentation, very carefully done, good performance, good try, becarful with the technique, be careful not to move the body alignment..."

The examiner is Merilyn Fishers, from Australia
note:CDST ballet syllabus is from Australia

Thursday, July 16, 2009

CSTD Ballet Examination

Event: CSTD Ballet Examination
Time: 4:30-5:15Pm
Date: 16/7/2009 (Thursday)
Venue: The Dance Academy (Kuching)

I went there at 2PM for my final last practice. This is my first time taking Ballet Exam as i used to sit for the Chinese Dance Examination since childhood. I skipped Ballet grade 1-5 actually. But i try my best to cope with them, who do ballet since they are young. I'm going to continue my ballet pre-major class, yeah,i aim to be the ballet performer. During the exam, the participants go into the exam hall as a pair. I pair with Pei Ling, we are the last group for today. The examination making scheme is divided into barre, center work I, center work II and dance. here are the syllubus:

CSTD Grade 6 Barre Work:
1-Rhythm Warm-Up
2-Plie Exercise
3-Battements Tendus (to stretch), Battements Glisses (to brush) and Grands Battements (to kick)
4-Ronds de Jambes (circular movement) a Terre (on the floor)
5-Petits Battements (small and sharp movement) and Battments Frappes (striking movement)
6-Developpe Exercise (unfolding movement)
7-Releve (Bounching movement) Exercise for Demi-pointe
8-Beaten (beating of the legs) Exercise at Barre
9-Exercise for head, shoulders and upper body placement

Center work I:
1-Port de Bras (movement of the arms)
2-Battements Tendus with temps lie (transfer of weight)
3-Pirouette exercise (turning on one leg)
4-Adage study 1
5-Adage study 2
(Adage-slow movement)

Center work II:
1-Allegro study1
2-Allegro study 2
3-Allegro study 3
(Allegro-fast movement)

1-Free movement
2-Classical Ballet Dance-solo
3-National Dance-solo (i choose Mongolian dance at this section)

The barre work i did as well as usually in the class, should be no problems. The center work I, the pirouette i didn't do well, the first 2 turns is nice-looking but the other two turns i did lousily...i should sleep early last night. Piroutte sometime is depend on the semi-circular canal located inside human ears, this small little cute organ helps in body balancing.(go far from ballet already...haha). Hope the examiner likes my dance presentation. Allegro is the most energy-expensive part. First allegro i used too much energy,so i was lack of energy for the second and third allegro. I think i didn't scold well in the allegro part...sad,sad. My stamina is poor that cant stand for three allegro exercises. Last part, dance, the key point for candidate to win mark at this part is, imagine yourself is performing on the stage, not in front of the examiner. I, didn't dance as freely as usual, a bit nervous i guess. this is my first time...

Right now,i still continue my pre-major class at KCH, hope that i can find a dance school in KL who teach CSTD ballet syllubus, (RAD syllubus also accepted). i have no time to regret my past but keep practicing and dancing... Oh,feel sad that my partner,pei ling gonna give up ballet after grade 6. Anyway,result out next week. See if i have the chance to post the Australian examinar and my partner,hehe

Julie Teacher was helping me to tie my hair

Me and My partner,Pei Ling

Exam Paper

Monday, June 29, 2009

Ballet Extra Class

Attended ballet class today, 3-4:30PM. This is an extra class actually so only few of us were practicing. The CSTD ballet examination is in the middle of July. Me and my partner (we sit for the exam as a pair) is on 16th of July, 4:30-5:30PM. I'm really excited about it and I aim for the best result. I will definitely put more more effort on it.

The place where we have ballet class every Saturday. Going to have a renovation before the examination.

Arabesque [a-ra-BESK], one of the poses in ballet where body supported by one leg, with another leg extended at the right angles to it, and the arms held in various harmonious position.

Attitude [a-tee-TEWD], body supported by one leg with another leg lifted at the back, the knee bent at 90 degree. Lifted leg has to be well turned out so that the knee is higher than the foot.

Retiré [ruh-tee-RAY]. Another poses in ballet where the pointed toe rests in front (or behind or to the side) of the supporting knee

Preparation stap, fifth position with right foot Devant [duh-VAHN]=right foot in front
Guess which one is me..

Saturday, June 27, 2009

BBQ Night

We had a BBQ night at Nancy's place, A new Condominium located just beside the MJC. i brought my 2 sisters there. We reached there at about 6:15Pm and i went to the swimming pool with my youngest sisters. The BBQ supposed to start at 7:30Pm but we tried so hard to burn the charcoal.

Trying hard to burn the charcoal

Finally,Charcoal burn (8:30PM)

Chicken wings, corns, hot dogs,3 layer pork and sweet potatoes...

Nancy & Penny

With my sisters..